Bottles with alcohol

Spirits and other alcoholic beverages are amongst the most globally traded and recognised brands. For this very reason, such brands are also the targets of illegal practices, including counterfeiting, diversion and refilling.


Our technology and expertise offers a secure solution that enables unique IDs to be added to each bottle and/or case produced. FractureCode provides powerful tools in the strategic fight to protect revenues and to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.


Our unique IDs can be printed easily onto existing packaging materials at full line speeds; including sleeves, caps and neck labels. IDs can also be adapted to suit the bespoke requirements of specific drinks industries and offer a number of benefits including:


  • Simple, clear and easy integration.
  • Full traceability and data collection to enable product biography.
  • No reduction of production speeds.
  • Higher sales revenue due to a reduction in the number of counterfeit products.

If you would like to know more about how FractureCode could help to protect your products, please contact us directly via our contact page.