How we can help you

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FractureCode Corporation offers a unique combination of technologies that provide brand owners and governments with powerful solutions for item-level Track & Trace and digital authentication. Through application of sophisticated and highly secure codes generated in real time, FractureCode can deploy technologies that ensure each individual product is marked with a unique code that can be tracked throughout the entire supply chain from maunfacturer to end-consumer.


Advantages of the FractureCode product offerings include:

  • Speed - there is no impact on production speeds with on-line coding at over 16 items per second.
  • Practicality - extremely small database footprint.
  • Integration - a true cross-platform solution that fits with other tracking and IT systems.
  • Flexibility - can be used independently by different stakeholders in the supply chain.

If you would like to know more about how FractureCode could help to protect your products, please contact us directly via our contact page.